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New NovaStor N-Series Nexenta-powered Solutions

ICC NovaStor™ N-Series solutions powered by NexentaStor deliver flexible and scalable NAS / SAN storage appliances. Based on a 128-bit ZFS (Z File System), our N-Series systems boast unparalleled scalability and data integrity, with unlimited snapshots & clones, block & file replication, deduplication, and more. Reap the benefits of software defined storage today!

International Computer Concepts is the industry's leading computer systems integrator specializing in enterprise technology systems, from rack and tower servers to high-end storage and workstation units.

New Intel True Scale InfiniBand

International Computer Concepts, the industry's leading computer systems integrator, is excited to present our new line of Intel True Scale InfiniBand products and solutions.

InfiniBand is a high performance, low latency switched fabric that facilitates network communications in fast-speed computing environments. These Intel-based IB solutions are designed especially for applications in high performance computing (HPC). Take your high-speed computing to the next level with standard 4X Quad Data Rate (QDR) offering scalable performance up to 40 Gbps, at a fraction of the cost of the competitors.

New Server Solutions with Intel Xeon E5-2600 V2 "Ivy Bridge-EP"

New ICC NovaServ™ solutions powered by Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 V2 "Ivy Bridge-EP" CPUs offer 50% more cores and 50% more last level cache while also providing faster memory and I/O to reduce bottlenecks.

While they maintain their general purpose appeal, these new solutions are also specifically ideal for data center environments, addressing total cost of ownership questions through performance and efficiency.

NovaServ™ R-216i for Computational Finance Applications

Part of our VEGA™ series for computational finance, the NovaServ™ R-216i is the ultimate value in computational finance, where a premium is often placed on pure speed.

This system is designed to support voltage and frequency overclocking. Utilizing Intel's latest Ivy Bridge processor, it is 70+% more efficient than the previous generation of Intel processors. Overclocked, the R-216i can achieve over 40% greater performance compared to a non-overclocked system. With our advanced liquid-cooling solution facilitating faster processing speeds and uninterrupted performance, the R-216i provides end users in applications such as high frequency trading with a powerful and reliable solution.

Second Generation MicroCloud

The original MicroCloud was a breakthrough in server technology, combining a total of 8 server nodes in a single modular chassis. It was extremely convenient due to its space-saving form factor, yet allowed for scalable workloads and environments.

The second generation MicroCloud takes advantage of new processing technology, powered by Intel's E3 version 2 and E5 series processors. Respectively, these boost energy efficiency and performance well beyond the original modular server.